Monday, September 13, 2010

Rain and Dogs!

I love the rain. Living in Borger for 3 years made me forget what it is like to have rain on a regular basis. It rained during our first week here in Bville and I remember thinking, "Oh, I can't go to Hobby Lobby, it's raining!" Then, of course, I had to laugh at myself and remember all those times I had to trek all over the campus of McNeese in the rain (because if it is going to rain at all in Lake Charles, LA, it WILL rain at MSU) and I did it without melting!

One of the reasons I love the rain is because it makes me want to be lazy. And I am VERY good at being lazy. I love to curl up on the couch and read or watch a movie when it rains, doesn't everyone? I have to admit, though, right now, the main reason I love the rain is because I don't have to water the lawn or flowers! I am terrible with plants. I wish I wasn't but I am, so there. Because of my brown-thumb trait, I have never had pretty flowers in a garden or flowerbed. But now that I live in a "grown-up house" (that's what Scott and I call our new house), I have to take care of flowers because that's what the previous owners did! In fact, the landscaping is one of the things that first attracted me to this house and now I have to take care of it! I was getting out in the mornings and setting up a sprinkler-thing that rolls along the waterhose but, most of the time, I'd set it up incorrectly and I'd just get frustrated and put the whole thing up. Our yard does not have a sprinkler system and I have not received a call back from the "sprinkler system guy" that everyone in my neighborhood recommends, even though I called about 3 weeks ago. So, I am very thankful for the rain that we have been receiving and so are my plants!

One downside to frequent rain: having to take 2 dogs out through out the day to do their "business." They come back wet and even "stinkier" than usual!

Speaking of dogs, mine are getting on my last nerve! Yesterday, right before church, of course, we discovered where Bella had just finished chewing on some of our wood trim on an archway that separates our kitchen from our living room. Seriously, there was so much slobber on the floor, I thought Harley had hiked his leg there and peed! But, no, it was definitely Bella who had been munching on the wood. Scott had to sand the wood down and re-stain it to make it look almost normal again. The problem was that we didn't catch Bella actually doing it, so we couldn't really punish her for it....until this morning.... I was sitting on the couch and I HEARD her naw on the exact same spot for just a second. I jumped up and she was standing right by the same piece of wood, so I immediately fussed at her, popped her on the butt (like she felt it! HA!), and put her in her kennel. She didn't do much damage but it was still very frustrating. So, now, I have to really keep an eye on her until she earns my trust again. Also, today, Harley (our 12 year old Golden Retriever, who is new to staying inside but loves it very much) was licking one of the pool table legs! I'm telling you, these dogs are driving me crazy! Now, I want to start working just so I don't have to take care of them during the day! How sad is that?!

But, then I look at that precious, smushed-up face with the fangs sticking out, and I melt all over again...

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