Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Thwilla Story - for Dangrdafne

The purpose of this post is to tell my fellow TwiTard and Tweep, Dangrdafne, a story that I meant to share with her while we were in Forks.  If you have zero interest in the 100 Monkeys, you might want to skip this post, unless you like to read stories that poke fun at my husband.  If that is the case...and, really, who DOESN'T like to poke fun at Scott...then by all means, proceed.

Scott and I had the incredible opportunity to see the 100 Monkeys in concert in Dallas this past August.  If you haven't already, feel free to scroll down and read my post about it later.  :-)

On the 100 Monkeys' latest CD, Liquid Zoo, there is a song called The Sound.  It is a very catchy song with a nice groove and Scott and I both love it.  In the middle of the song, for reasons I cannot for the life of me explain, there is a rap.  Yes, a rap.  It is my least favorite part of the song but, even still, it is catchy. The guy who does this rap is not an actual member of the group.  His name is William but also goes by "Thwilla".  I guess that is his "rap" name.  Thwilla travels with the band, doing PR stuff and probably anything else that is needed, so I am hoping that he is not wanting to venture into the rap music business full-time.  *collective sigh of relief*

Some of the lyrics (I think the "catchiest") of Thwilla's rap are:

'Cause you're bad
You know this
Your Dad
He noticed

Let me interject some information for those who don't already know Scott or myself very well: my husband is 7 years older than I am, which makes him *cough* 40-something *cough*.  NOT that he looks "old" or anything....he really doesn't.  In fact, he still gets carded at Buffalo Wild Wings.  I just feel it is important to know this before I finish the story.  A little foreshadowing perhaps??

Sooooo, we are in Dallas, having a blast at the show, when they start playing The Sound.  Scott and I were both happy because we like the song so much but we were also giggling because we knew the stupid rap was coming up.  I was standing in the second row, dead-center, in front of the stage, which is where Thwilla was doing most of his rap.  Scott was standing directly behind me.  Thwilla gets to the "Your DAD, He noticed" part and...wait for it...POINTS DIRECTLY TO SCOTT!!  I don't know if he thought Scott was my dad or some other chick's dad or if he just could tell that he most likely is a dad but it was still freaking funny!  At least, I thought it was funny the next day when Scott finally admitted what happened.  He, of course, did NOT think it was funny and he STILL doesn't think it is funny!  Which makes it even more funny to me!

That's it!  That's the Thwilla Story, Dangrdafne!  I told you it probably wouldn't live up to the suspense and it is probably more entertaining when told in person but, at least, I finally told you!  I hope you were able to giggle a little bit while reading. ;-)

For the record, I totally missed the pointing by Thwilla because I was fixated on Ben G and his beautiful solo that gets trampled by the rap!

This is a pic of Thwilla from the Tulsa show.  Scott wasn't there but I texted him this pic and told him Thwilla was looking for him!  I'm so mean!!


I know, I know.  I've been home from Forks for 3 weeks and I am just now blogging about it!  Sorry!

I've been trying to decide how I want to approach this post.  Do I spill the beans on everything that was said and done while I was in Twilight Heaven?  Do I keep all the juicy details to myself and let you squirm until you completely forget about me and my trip?  Decisions, decisions....

Ok, enough squirming!  I'm not THAT mean...usually.  I think I'll just give you a brief review, since most of you follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter and were bombarded by posts and pics as the trip happened anyway.  My next post will be tips and advice for those of you who plan on taking your own trip to Forks one of these days!

What can I say?  My trip to Forks was simply amazing.  I still can't wrap my brain around the fact that I have traveled, not only to Forks, Washington, but to the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  It is unlike anywhere I have ever been and, if you haven't been there, you should plan a trip ASAP!

We (my most-awesomest roomies, JK & M, and I) started our trip in Seattle.  We were only there for one evening and half the next day but we filled that time with as much fun as we possibly could.  We saw the Space Needle (from a distance), some really cool buildings, and Pike Place Market.  We took pictures of, what we thought was, the very first Starbucks.  Then, we took pictures of the REAL very first Starbucks!  And, to make that achievement even better, we realized we were there on National Coffee Day!  How perfect?  Seattle truly is a beautiful place and I would love to go back with my family and spend more time there.

JK & I enjoying our National Coffee Day iced coffee from the REAL original Starbucks!

From Seattle, we rode the ferry to Bainbridge Island.  Riding a ferry was a first for JK and M, which I thought was funny but I'll admit, this ferry ride is much prettier than the one to Galveston.  I'm just sayin....  During our 3 hour drive to Forks, we passed through Port Angeles and stopped to take pictures of Crescent Lake.  My words and pictures simply do not do the scenery justice.  It is just like the Twilight books describe but even better.  Everything really is covered in green and moss and ferns really cover the ground like grass.  I was not a listed driver on our rental car agreement, so I was able to sit in the back seat and look out the windows and into the woods whenever I wanted.  I could almost swear that I saw a vamp or two running through the forest but that could also have been the car sickness I experienced throughout the trip. ;-)

HWY 101 and Crescent Lake...breathtaking..

The girls and I were beyond excited about arriving in Forks.  So much so, that every (and I mean EVERY) sign we passed that had the word "Forks" on it elicited a scream from us that could almost break glass.  Finally, in the distance we could see THE sign.  Yes, the "Welcome To Forks" sign.  The sign that made it sink in that, yes, we were in the Twilight Heartland FOR REALIES.  There may have been a tear or two or, at the very least, some moist eyes... *insert scream!*  See?  It still has that effect on me.  Ok, I'm better now, I promise...maybe.

 Getting closer...

 ...and closer...

...and I'm finally in Forks!!

While in Forks, we did everything a TwiHard should do: we shopped, we visited all of the Twilight-themed attractions, we took pictures, and we even reenacted some of our favorite scenes from the movie.  We also were able to spend some fun times with other Twilight fans at the Elks Lodge when we attended the TwiTarded parties.  It was absolutely incredible to meet so many people from the fandom that, until this trip, I had only talked to through Twitter and blogging.  I met fans from all over the country and even a few from England and Sweden!  These women (and a few husbands) are all ages, races, sizes, etc but when you meet them, it's like you've known them forever.  I've never experienced any thing like it, including my time in my sorority.  I love these ladies hard and I wish we could see each other more often!

In addition to doing all of the touristy things in Forks, we drove back to Port A and had dinner at Bella Italia one evening.  The mushroom ravioli is a must and I'm not just saying that because it is what Bella orders in the book and movie.  It really is delicious!  We also saw a bit of the Hoh Rainforest, LaPush, and Third and Second Beaches.  We never made it to First Beach.  Believe it or not, we ran out of Forks!  Crazy but it's true!

 Bella's truck from the movie!

 Mushroom Ravioli from Bella Italia!

 A moss-covered tree from the Hoh Rainforest!

The Roomies and I on a driftwood tree at Second Beach!

This trip was an incredible experience.  I met awesome people, bonded even more with my new besties, and saw the places that inspired some of my favorite books.  And I cannot wait to do it again!

I know this post is brief...for me, anyway...but if you'd like to see more, check out my fb page!