Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Ben Affleck pics!

Ben is right behind the guy in the brown shirt.

This is the best pic. You can clearly see Ben....he's so cute!!!

I promise Ben is somewhere behind that screen!

I've been asked to post the pictures I took of Ben Affleck while he was here in Bartlesville filming a movie last fall, so here they are!

You must forgive me for two things: First, the pictures are NOT great but they were the best I could do with my iPhone from across the street. Second, I still have not figured out how to put my pictures exactly where I want them on my blog, so they are all at the top of the page! Grrrr!

When I took these pictures, my kids and I were about to leave their karate class, so I was unprepared to take "real" pictures. We spotted the filming taking place and ran to the sidewalk across the street, immediately spotting Ben. He and the other actress in the pictures filmed a scene that had them walking across a side street while talking. We then hopped in the car and drove into a gas station parking lot near by and watched them finish their scene.

I wanted to get better pictures but I'm also a 'fraidy cat and I didn't want to get yelled at by any of the crew. I also believe that actors/actresses should be left alone while they are working.

After the filming of the scene ended, Ben walked into the gas station. Someone said he was "using the facilities", so I wasn't about to bother him then either! The kids and I were excited enough with our amateur ninja skills, so we left the gas station and went home.

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  1. "amateur ninja skills" LOL

    Not perfect pictures are better than no pictures at all :) Thanks for sharing.


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