Thursday, September 15, 2011

TwiHard and Proud!

I am a HUGE fan of the Twilight Saga.  Most of you already know this about me.  For those of you who do know this or do not realize the extent of my obsession love, I'm writing this blog to try and explain.

Let me start by saying I have been a "fangirl" pretty much all of my life.  I was "fangirling" waaay before "fangirling" was even a word.  Can I stop using the quotes now?  K, thanks!

I first started being a hardcore, obsessive fan (aka fangirl) when I discovered Duran Duran at the age of 9.  I literally referred to myself as a "Duranie", if that gives you any idea how far my love for those stylish Brits went.  From there, I went on to love many bands, actors, books, and movies, specifically The Beatles, Queen, Poison, Kiefer Sutherland, Viggo Mortensen, Harry Potter, The Lost Boys, and The Lord of the Rings.  Nothing, though, prepared me for the world of The Twilight Saga.

I had not heard any thing about the Twilight books until the first movie was about to be released.  I remember seeing the trailer for Twilight and realizing that "Cedric Diggory" was in another movie and I was so happy to see his gorgeous face on the big screen again.  I soon found out many of my friends had been reading the books and loved them, so I immediately asked for the book set for Christmas!

Because my husband and mother love me so much, they each gave me the on Kindle and the other in the hardback form.  Because the hardback set was on back order, I started with the Kindle books and was instantly hooked!  I read the first book within a couple of days and HAD to see the movie.  Lucky for me, it was still showing in my hometown on New Year's Eve, so I "made" Scott take me to see it for our anniversary!  Romantic, right?  Yes, for me...not so much for Scott.  *Love you, Honey!*

This is one of my favorite scenes!

I finished the series within a few days and my life was forever changed.  I know that sounds so dramatic but that was how I felt.  I didn't want the stories to end.  I wanted MORE.  So, I did what every other Twi-fan did, I read the books again....and again.

Fast forward a few months and my mom and I were adding fuel to our Twi-fire by attending the first TwiCon in Dallas.  Not only were we able to meet many of the stars of the movies, but we also met other fans.  This was a big deal to me because I realized, outside of my mom (who is also a huge fan now), I had no one else to share my love and devotion for all things-Twi.  Yes, I had friends who had read and loved the books but that was where it stopped for them.  Sitting with my new Twi-friends in Dallas, discussing the books and movie (this was before New Moon was released) in great detail, I felt relief...I felt free.  Free to embrace my inner TwiHard and wave my Twi-flag proudly.

Me (in my Team Rathbone shirt, of course) and some new TwiHard friends at TwiCon!

Believe it or not, it is NOT all about the movies and stars for me.  First and foremost, I love the books.  I think the story is original and wonderful with amazing characters and settings.  I love that it does not follow the usual vampire lore with garlic and coffins and such and I love that it is a story that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.  Notice, I said "people" not just women.  In fact, after my TwiCon weekend, Scott read the books to see "what the fuss was all about" and he admitted that he liked them, too.  By the way, he's Team Alice.

Having said all that, I also love the movies...mostly.  I have quite a few problems, gripes, and opinions with the movies (I probably need to save that for another post) and so I keep them separate from the books in my mind.  They are not perfect but I love them for what they are.  I also love the actors in the movie...mostly.  And I'll just leave it there. ;-)

So, now it's almost 3 years later and I am way deep into the fandom.  Thanks to Twitter, I have made friends with other TwiHards all around the world and it is amazing to be able to call these women "friends."  In fact, I am meeting quite a few of these new friends in less than 2 weeks when we all travel to Forks, Washington (where the stories take place) to see where the author, Stephenie Meyer, got her inspiration.  My new bestie, JennyKate, is traveling with me and our other roomie, Michelle, has promised to have bail money set aside for us.  Not that it will be necessary or anything.....right, JK? Although, it would be funny to say we got to ride in the Forks Police Chief's cruiser...but I digress.

Nope, no bail money needed for us in Forks!

I promise to keep you updated with our Twi-adventures on all of the usual forms of social media and, if you want a postcard from Forks, you still have a few days to get me your mailing address!


  1. I am so excited to meet you. I too love the books the most. They are what got me involved and keep me involved. I like the movies and I am so grateful they were made but yes, there are some things that could be better :)

    I also agree with your statement that Twilight was life changing. For me, it helped me become who I am supposed to be. I am so far out of my comfort zones that I can't even believe this is my life. I have friends across the world. I travel all over just to see said friends (and some day across the world - TwiKiwi50). I write a blog. I tweet, I chat, I email, I fund raise, I just live. I couldn't be happier and I am blessed with a hubby who gets it and "allows" it and is coming to Forks BUT he hasn't read or watched anything about it - just what I tell him, so this should be very interesting.

    I hope you do the post on your movie thoughts as I will assume we will have many of the same thoughts :)

    Be safe in your travels and I will see you in less than 2 weeks!!!!

  2. Um, yeah...right. We won't need bail money. It's only precautionary.

    Although, "remember that one time we rode in the back of the police cruiser in Forks...wasn't that cop's name Charlie??...he thoroughly frisked us and I liked it" does sound like a pretty fun memory. Hmmmm...we'll see! ;)

    9 DAYS!!! I can NOT wait!!!


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