Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Thwilla Story - for Dangrdafne

The purpose of this post is to tell my fellow TwiTard and Tweep, Dangrdafne, a story that I meant to share with her while we were in Forks.  If you have zero interest in the 100 Monkeys, you might want to skip this post, unless you like to read stories that poke fun at my husband.  If that is the case...and, really, who DOESN'T like to poke fun at Scott...then by all means, proceed.

Scott and I had the incredible opportunity to see the 100 Monkeys in concert in Dallas this past August.  If you haven't already, feel free to scroll down and read my post about it later.  :-)

On the 100 Monkeys' latest CD, Liquid Zoo, there is a song called The Sound.  It is a very catchy song with a nice groove and Scott and I both love it.  In the middle of the song, for reasons I cannot for the life of me explain, there is a rap.  Yes, a rap.  It is my least favorite part of the song but, even still, it is catchy. The guy who does this rap is not an actual member of the group.  His name is William but also goes by "Thwilla".  I guess that is his "rap" name.  Thwilla travels with the band, doing PR stuff and probably anything else that is needed, so I am hoping that he is not wanting to venture into the rap music business full-time.  *collective sigh of relief*

Some of the lyrics (I think the "catchiest") of Thwilla's rap are:

'Cause you're bad
You know this
Your Dad
He noticed

Let me interject some information for those who don't already know Scott or myself very well: my husband is 7 years older than I am, which makes him *cough* 40-something *cough*.  NOT that he looks "old" or anything....he really doesn't.  In fact, he still gets carded at Buffalo Wild Wings.  I just feel it is important to know this before I finish the story.  A little foreshadowing perhaps??

Sooooo, we are in Dallas, having a blast at the show, when they start playing The Sound.  Scott and I were both happy because we like the song so much but we were also giggling because we knew the stupid rap was coming up.  I was standing in the second row, dead-center, in front of the stage, which is where Thwilla was doing most of his rap.  Scott was standing directly behind me.  Thwilla gets to the "Your DAD, He noticed" part and...wait for it...POINTS DIRECTLY TO SCOTT!!  I don't know if he thought Scott was my dad or some other chick's dad or if he just could tell that he most likely is a dad but it was still freaking funny!  At least, I thought it was funny the next day when Scott finally admitted what happened.  He, of course, did NOT think it was funny and he STILL doesn't think it is funny!  Which makes it even more funny to me!

That's it!  That's the Thwilla Story, Dangrdafne!  I told you it probably wouldn't live up to the suspense and it is probably more entertaining when told in person but, at least, I finally told you!  I hope you were able to giggle a little bit while reading. ;-)

For the record, I totally missed the pointing by Thwilla because I was fixated on Ben G and his beautiful solo that gets trampled by the rap!

This is a pic of Thwilla from the Tulsa show.  Scott wasn't there but I texted him this pic and told him Thwilla was looking for him!  I'm so mean!!


  1. LOL!!!! This is awesome. When I first heard the song I was like 'oh this is nice' followed by a 'wtf is this?!?!' I wouldn't listen to the song for the longest time. I kept seeing people tweet about how awesome Thwilla is and how cool is dancing was but thought the guy was a douche. But then I saw him dance in a vid and that guy has MOVES! I think I hated the rap so much that I ended up loving it. That always happens to me when it comes to songs. Also, I think he's kind of rude. He was filming when we were at the Bestbuy in store and kept like pushing past us without so much as an 'excuse me' or a look to say sorry. Not awesome but still love his dancing.

  2. Yeah, I have to say, I wasn't impressed by him the two times I saw him this summer. He and Lani didn't do the dance-off either time and when I asked him about it, he was nice enough with his answer. But he does come off as being very douche-y!

  3. All I can hear is Living with Edward saying "Your Dad!" instead of "Your Mom" as she LOVES to say!


    That is a great story. Poor Scott :( but I am glad it brings you a laugh :)

    Thank you sooo much for sharing this with me, I laughed definitely but I am sure it would have even been better in person. As I tweeted, we will meet again - I know it.


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