Thursday, October 7, 2010


Let me just start by saying this was a hard JC week for me. Not because of the food or the plan or anything like that but, because of me! I was still impatient/bored/whatever...I also still have a hard time letting go of "negative self talk." The other day, the same day I wrote my last post bragging about a few bites of a scone being "enough", I made a fruit pizza for dessert. I thought I could "handle it" but I was wrong. I had a piece right after dinner, which was mistake #1. Usually, I wait 2 or 3 hours before I have my JC dessert. Let me tell you, that was some good fruit pizza! It was so good, that it was NOT "enough." So, I had a second piece. If you are keeping tabs, that would be mistake #2! The second piece was good, too but, it quickly became MORE than enough and I was miserable. Mistake #3, which is the worst of all, happened: I mentally beat myself up for it for the rest of the night.

WHY do we do that to ourselves? So what, if I ate 2 pieces of fruit pizza that night! Seriously! It was fruit pizza not a Krispy Kreme burger! But, even if I had eaten a Krispy Kreme burger, I should be able to accept what I did (and any resulting consequences) and move on. I HAVE to be able to let this negative talk go if I am to truly succeed in losing weight. I, honestly, believe the negative talk is Satan trying to get to me. Words of failure, sadness, giving up, and disgust do NOT come from God, so they must be from Satan. God loves me no matter what and He wants what is best for me always. He also wants me to love myself the way He does, mistakes and all. Praise God!

Needless to say, I was not looking forward to weighing in yesterday. I was going to be happy if there was just a 1 pound loss because I couldn't imagine there being more than that. But, somehow, there was. I lost 3.6 pounds...more than I lost the week before! I was shocked. I literally said to my consultant, "But that can't be right! I ate 2 pieces of fruit pizza this week!" But, even though, I ate more than I should have that night, I still was able to work it into my plan. I didn't have my JC afternoon snack or JC dessert and I went for a 30 minute walk the next morning. Of course, I forgot to mention those things to myself when I was letting Satan get me down. Does that mean I can have 2 pieces of fruit pizza every week and still lose weight? I don't know...maybe...maybe not. Is my world going to fall apart if I don't lose 3 pounds next week? I sure hope not! JC has a saying: "It's not about perfection; it's about progress." I like that. I think that applies to learning lessons, too. So, I guess, I made some major progress this week and I hope, no, I pray, that I continue to progress...not just in weight loss but in everything.

For those of you keeping tabs on my weight loss, I've now lost 11 pounds in 3 weeks! When I lose 1.5 more pounds, I'll have lost 5% of my total weight already! Whoo hoo!!

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  1. Good for you Jennifer, you're doing great!! We all beat ourselves up, I feel off the no soda wagon after 70+ days, then I was just like "forget it" and basically went back to all my old ways. Losing all the progress I had made. We have to learn to forgive ourselves and just move on. Kudos ont he weight loss.


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