Monday, November 8, 2010


It is unacceptable that I have not blogged 18 days! The crazy thing is that I think about blogging all of the time: what to blog about, when I am actually going to sit down and blog, etc.. My reasons for putting it off usually come down to these 2: MY idea is not good enough or long enough to blog about and I don't want to go sit in the office to type up my blog.

We have an office in our house that allows Scott and me to each have a desk and computer, which is great, but I am realizing that I don't like to spend as much time in there as I did in our Borger house. Bella is not allowed in the office so, if I get on the computer during the day, I also have to keep an eye on her, which means I am constantly getting out of my chair and looking for her, making sure she is not getting into any trouble. Some days she makes it very easy for me and lays down just outside the office door. She knows she can't come in here, so she will put her head down at the exact spot where the tile in the foyer meets the carpet in the office...pretty darn funny.

So, if blogging during the day doesn't work, why not blog at night? Well, my family is here at night and I don't want to spend time on the computer when I can be snuggling on the couch with my kiddos. MY solution is to get a Mac Book Pro so that I can do my computer stuff and sit on the couch with the kids at the same time. Scott agrees that this would be a great idea...if Mac Books weren't so expensive and I didn't already have a working computer!

I thought I was one step closer to getting one yesterday because my computer was making a crazy noise. It sounded like a Harley Davidson was racing around in there. My wonderful, computer geek-of-a-husband knew something was wrong with the motor and he promptly took it apart and fixed it. No laptop for me...yet. ;-)
Now that I've explained all of that, let me think about what else has been going on....

We had a wonderful Halloween. This was Mac and Jack's first REAL time to go trick or treating. In Katy, we'd just take them to the few houses on our street and in Borger, most of our neighbors didn't really participate in trick or treating, but in our new neighborhood, they were able to truly experience the fun. Our neighborhood had a block party first, which was fun, then the T & T-ing began. After walking around for about an hour or so, Jack was ready to throw in the towel. We dropped him off at the house so that he could help Scott pass out the candy and then Mac and I finished the neighborhood. I now walk/run regularly but, for some reason, when we got home that night, my feet and legs were so hurting so badly, I could hardly move! We were completely wiped out but it was fun! The best treats of the night? A neighbor gave me some fresh rosemary from his garden and Mackenzie received a can of root beer!

Fun was had by all and, what little candy we had left over, Scott brought to his office. It is now the second week of November and the kids still have candy left. I told them they should save it because there are a few movies we will be seeing this month and I'll sneak their candy in the theater for them!!

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