Thursday, November 18, 2010

My kids: What I am thankful for and what I love about them!

1. I am thankful for the opportunity God has blessed me with, being able to spend my life being their mommy and all things that go along with that title.

2. I am thankful that they are built like their daddy and that they are tall and proud!

3. I love that Mackenzie is exactly like her dad and that she gives him a run for his money.

4. I love that Jack is mostly like me....he's gonna make a great husband! I just don't know that I'll make a great mother-in-law....

5. I am thankful that neither one of them likes Justin Beiber!

6. I love that Mackenzie had to ask me the other day who Madonna and Britney Spears are.....and, after my vague answer, she still doesn't know!

7. I love that my kids have no problem speaking their minds or asking me about anything...and I mean anything!

8. I am beyond thankful that they are both Christians and I looove that they both accepted Christ on or around Mother's Day (one year apart)!!!!!!!

9. I love that they love school and are good students.

10. I love that they completely love each other, even though it is hard for them to admit it sometimes.

11. It cracks me up that Mackenzie (almost 10 years old) still wants to sleep with Jack on the weekends....and I find it hilarious that Jack always says NO! He says it is because she doesn't really want to sleep, she wants to play/talk/read and all he wants to do is sleep!

12. I love that Mackenzie LOVES Harry Potter. She has loved HP/Daniel Radcliffe since she was 3 years old and I look forward to planning their wedding in 15 years.

13. I love that Jack still covers his eyes with his fingers and plugs his ears with his thumbs whenever he thinks something scary is about to happen in a movie.

14. It cracks me up that Jack still falls asleep almost anywhere we go at nighttime.

15. I am thankful they are healthy.

16. I am thankful that they are also loved by the people I love most.

17. I can't wait for Mackenzie to be old enough to read Twilight AND The Lord of the Rings AND finally admit to me that she loves them, too! She says it will never happen but I know the truth!

18. I love that they still think "stupid" and "shut-up" are "s-words." I finally told them they could say "butt" but only at home with me and Scott...they still haven't actually taken me up on it. ;-)

19. I love that Jack says the funniest, craziest things and that he lets me quote him on facebook.

20. I am thankful that I get to sit here and type up these wonderful things about my kids and share them with you.

21. I can't wait to add more to the list!

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