Monday, July 12, 2010

Southern Lady

I love being from the south. I didn't always feel that way, though. I can remember telling my mom that when I grew up, I was going to move away, change my name, and lie about where I was from because I hated the horrible stereotypes that were associated with Louisiana and the south. I was around 9 or 10 years old.
I didn't start truly appreciating Louisiana and all things southern until I moved to Houston 11 years ago. I realized that Louisiana is very special and there is no place on earth like it. Now that I have lived in the Texas panhandle for 3 years and moved to NE Oklahoma just over a week ago, I miss La. even more. Don't misunderstand. Texas and Oklahoma ARE southern states (Tx more than Ok for sure...I'm just sayin') but they just aren't quite southern enough. I am beginning to realize just how much I am going to stick out when I finally start socializing in my new town just by the things I say. Up here in my part of Ok, locals don't say "y'all" and they call carbonated beverages, Heaven help me, "Pop!" Any true southerner knows that all carbonated beverages are called "Coke" whether you want a Coke, Dr. Pepper, or Sprite. Pepsi is never an option because it isn't southern... Tonight at dinner, another southern/Louisianian saying popped out of my that I have never thought about before until my dear, sweet husband, Scott, brought it to my attention.
I was telling him that we need to get one of those clear, ugly, mat-things that go in front of the desk in our office so that our chairs will roll properly. I then said, "I almost tumped out of my chair the other day trying to get it to move." He said, "Tumped??" I immediately knew I had said something wrong and, for the first time, I realized that "tumped" is not a word...not even close! I kept saying it out loud, trying to make sense of it. Scott then said, "You know you can't say things like that here in Oklahoma. They won't know what you are talking about!" I replied, "I guess it is like the word "fixin', huh? It makes no sense when you think about it but we grew up talking like that!"
Don't worry, though, I am not planning on changing the way I speak any time soon. I may have to tone it down a bit depending on the social situation I am in but I must remain true to my southern roots even if I sound like a dumb hick!
That little discussion at tonight's dinner made me feel extra southern, so I baked a butter pecan cake, made some coffee at 8:00 PM (because my grandparents drank coffee at night, too), and read the latest issue of Southern Living. Now, it is time for bed because tomorrow, my friends, is another day! Night, Y'all!


  1. Hey I make up words all the time, I think tumped works just fine. Of course I call all "pop" coke as well. :o)

  2. Your language is a part of you! When I took linguistics courses in college I learned how it is what makes you UNIQUE and is intricately tied to who you are. Don't even think about changing!

  3. Did you say it louder each time you said it---just to hear it? LOL!!

  4. Of course "tumped" is a word; isn't it? Calhoun dictionary:" Tump" To tump knock from a standing position to a not-so-standing position. Sentence: I tumped over my coke and spilt it everwher. I hate when that happens.
    I had to check Webster's. We've always used that word. Always check Calhoun's, first.


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